Frequently Asked Questions

Is the MoreKeyboard USB compatible?
Yes. The MoreKeyboard is wired for USB connectivity. Also, an adaptor is included with every keyboard to allow the MoreKeyboard to connect to PCs that use the P/S 2 connection protocol.

What are the MoreKeyboard’s dimensions?
The MoreKeyboard is 18″ long, 7.25″ wide, and 1.75″ high (with legs not extended). The MoreKeyboard comes with front and back legs that raise the front or rear of the keyboard .875″, 1.5″, or 1.875″.

What are the size of the keys on the MoreKeyboard?
The surface dimensions of all letter and number keys on the MoreKeyboard are 13mm tall and 17mm wide. The space between each key is 1 mm. The distance between the center of two adjacent letter or number keys is 24mm.

What are the results of performance testing on the MoreKeyboard?
Two performance tests have been conducted on the MoreKeyboard: Load testing and durability testing.

Load testing determined that a load force of .11 to .16 pounds was required to engage the keys.

For the durability test, a key was pressed one million times and analyzed. An examination of the key showed no wear on the key labeling, and the rebound action of the key was smooth and consistent. When connected to a computer, the electronics functioned properly.