Is It For Me?

The MoreKeyboard is designed for:

Seniors: A big key keyboard and easy to see lettering is the perfect solution to enable seniors or older persons to type with more accuracy and confidence.

Physically Challenged: Those who are physically challenged may experience both vision and coordination (dexterity) challenges. The big keys and easy-to-see lettering will enable them to improve their skills in both of these areas.

Children: The larger easy-to-see and find keys are better suited for the motor skills of young children who are eager to learn and play on the computer.

Larger Framed / Big Hand) users: Individuals with larger hands require more space on their keyboard in order to enter data correctly. The MoreKeyboard addresses this challenge by having 25% larger keys, which provides a larger landing surface than the standard keyboard.

Lab/shop users: Those who wear protective gloves at work or work in low-lit areas understand the hassle and inconvenience of entering data accurately on a computer. The large letter and number keys enable the user to increase accuracy without having to remove their gloves (or use additional lighting).