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MoreKeyboard’s Giveaway Benefits Those with Vision Disabilities
Innovative New Keyboard Features Three Times Larger Print on 25 Percent Larger Keys.

In recognition of Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Low Vision month, MoreKeyboard is pleased to announce winners of MoreKeyboard’s recent giveaway.

Sandra L. is from California and has a 3rd grade daughter with hemiplegic infantile cerebral palsy. Her daughter uses the computer while completing her science fair project and other school assignments. Sandra thinks the bigger lettering on the bigger keys will help her immensely.

Mary L. from Texas, has multiple sclerosis and her vision is somewhat compromised, but more importantly the spasticity in her hands and fingers results in her very often spending more time backspacing and correcting because her fingers hit the keys beside the ones intended. Although Mary is a retired educator and librarian of thirty years and love children and life, she still has much to offer and share. She feels the MoreKeyboard is just the ticket to help do this more easily.

Becky, from Kentucky, is 46 years old and was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes as a child 32 years ago and battles to maintain her independence. In addition to a host of medical issues, she had a stroke last May and her motor skills have been affected in her left hand. She has severe peripheral neuropathy and retina damage which have begun to severely affect her vision and mobility. She is often confined to her home for long periods of time and uses her computer for socialization, shopping, and communication with others. She is having terrible trouble using the standard keyboard on her old PC and needs the visual support and tactile feedback offered by the More Keyboard. The oversized keys and the extra large key printing are just what she needs and I just know it would help her!

Ben G. of Missouri is 60 years old with optic neuritis and has difficulty using the keyboard on his computer because of arthritis. He feels the MoreKeyboard is a truly beneficial opportunity for those who have a visual disability, have age-related limitations with the keyboard, and find it difficult to continue to function at a continued high level, especially those still in the workforce!

We hope all the winners the very best and hope the MoreKeyboard will benefit their computing needs. Hopefully, they will check in and share their computing stories with us.

About MoreKeyboard: MoreKeyboard, LLC is a privately owned company that offers a large key computer keyboard. The big keys, large print, and multiple leg adjustments are designed to benefit older persons, the physically and/or vision disabled, larger framed and athletic people, children and those whose work requires wearing gloves.

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